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About Us

The Little Willows Preschool History
How did the Little Willows Preschool tradition of learning begin?

Back in 1930, Mrs. Pickles of the “Barbetter Nursery” offered educational programs for young children. This provided a unique contribution to the Quincy community and was passed on to the next generation through her daughters “Barbara and Betty”.  Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis held the torch for 25 fruitful years until she retired in June of 1998.

The Fall of ’98 marked a new beginning for the center as it reopened as “Little Willows Preschool” accommodating 24 children between the ages of 2.8 and 7 offering year round programs on a full and part time basis.

Little Willows Preschool Profile

  • Little Willows Preschool is licensed through the Office of Early Education & Care and the City of Quincy
  • We have achieved NAEYC accreditation.
  • Our center operates as a multi-cultural, non-discriminatory preschool welcoming all children without bias to race, color, gender, national origin, ethnic background and religious beliefs
  • The staff at Little Willows Preschool is experienced and trained in Early Childhood Education and the Department of Education Guidelines and Standards for Early Learning.
  • Teachers and faculty are certified with CPR and Basic First Aid training

The Quality of Education at Little Willows Preschool

Little Willows Preschool gives a clear and weighted emphasis on the quality of intergrated educational programs being used at the center.  As the years pass and as the community evolves, we creatively redesign and introduce new activities, progressive training methods, techniques,  and program additions that continue to promote the development of children.

On Preserving a Child’s Individuality at Little Willows Preschool

All children have different learning curves. Even at their young age, they already have a sense of individuality that they instinctively want to preserve. At Little Willows Preschool, we promote their sense of self and will approach their educational needs at an individual pace. Supportive and encouraging teachers, a harmonious environment for peers and a well-developed curriculum at Little Willows Preschool, provides us the opportunity to achieve the full potential of every child who is enrolled at the center.

At the end of each day our faculty at Little Willows Preschool is confident they have provided each child with the individual care and understanding necessary for a great experience.

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