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Are you looking forward to enrolling your child at Little Willows Preschool? There’s so many activities that your child can be excited for.

Here are some of the many activities that every child will surely have fun with at Little Willows Preschool:

  • Planned “learning centers”
    Your child will get a chance to interact with peers, teachers and educational tools at our learning centers.
  • Weekly Themes
    Set for an international holiday or a national event that the country celebrates, Little Willows Preschool facilitates Weekly Themes that are filled with activities and learning opportunities.
  • Group Activities
    Children can play in groups and find avenues to develop both socially and physically.
  • Independent Learning
    Sometimes, a child may need alone time to explore thoughts and develop independence. The Independent Learning time is an activity at Little Willows Preschool that allows children to learn more about themselves, their capacities and their unique interests.
  • Introduction to Computers
    Technological development cannot be halted. While we celebrate our history, we must look forward and become adept to the technological tools that we have today. At Little Willows Preschool, young learners will be introduced to the proper and beneficial use of Computers for daily life and for educational purposes.
  • Story Time
    Who doesn’t love a good story? Our whole nation was, in fact, built through story-telling. We learn from our past and we continue to make stories so future generations can learn from our experiences today. During Story Time, your child will be invited into a world of imagination where they get to explore the historical past, fantasy, the animal world, and so much more.
  • Drama
    Our young learners at Little Willows Preschool will take part in our annual Drama/Theater Event. It’s a milestone for many of our young learners where they get to perform on stage.
  • Cooking
    Making meals and learning about food are some of the things that our Cooking activities at Little Willows Preschool offer. Children will be taught about the different fruits, vegetables and ingredients that turn into the food we eat. This is also a great opportunity to teach young kids about nutrition, healthy living and an introduction to mixology!
  • Music
    We expose children to music through nursery rhymes, dance, musical instruments, and fabulous fitness fun and much more. Music is a great avenue for children to develop creatively.
  • Arts and Crafts
    Children have fun with arts and crafts. We let our youngsters learn about colors, painting, crafts and different artistic media that provides  hands on, sensory opportunities.
  • Field Trips
    Visiting a new place and learning about the community – These are what Field Trips at Little Willows Preschool offer. We believe that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to the ultimate learning opportunity.
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