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Learn and Grow

Everything we know today, at one point or another, started in our childhood. This is why our attitude toward changes in our life and the range of our skill development can be traced to opportunities when we were young.

At Little Willows Preschool, we give great weight to this ideology so we have designed a multi-sensory, hands-on approach to  educational programs for young learners that fully maximize and nurture a child’s capacity for intellectual curiosity, analysis, problem solving, and developing self-esteem.  Enthusiastic teachers and age appropriate goals offer children a balance of child initiated and teacher directed activities  to promote a deep understanding of themselves as they begin to develop life long learning skills

Preschool is an exciting new experience for young learners. 

In our Learn and Grow program, your child will be introduced to associating sounds with letters (alphabet), understanding words associated with objects and shapes, distinguishing opposites, physical games and exercise, rhythm and music, and articulation of feelings and emotions to communicate and express themselves.  They will be introduced to concepts of science, history and current events as they explore the world around them.

This program offers a great enrichment opportunity for young beginners  transitioning into a preschool setting.  Our programs are designed to offer each child and family an educational opportunity incorporating the emotional needs and intelectural growth of each child at an individual pace.

At Little Willows Preschool a new beginning starts with fun!

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