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Kindergarten Readiness

Children in the Pre-Kindergarten group have the most energy in the world – they are excited to learn, play and explore.

Their interests begin to shape and they need a place to enable them to discover and develop their skills.  The Kindergarten Readiness program at Little Willows Preschool provides this environment and much more.

Our faculty maintains a safe environment that encourages and readies your child for a more formal education as they continue on to kindergarten and grade school. In the Pre-Kindergarten program as in the preschool we incorporate all key components and  facilitate opportunities for children to build on their individual skill level.  Incorporating child development, academic and intellectual growth through hands-on activities providing for a happy and enriching experience in school. The program has the following objectives:

  • Build self-confidence
  • Build on self-help skills and life skills
  • Encourage your child’s healthy curiosity
  • Develop an interest in learning new skills
  • Develop their potential for creativity  through drama, arts, music, dance etc.)

This stage in a child’s formative years is also when they begin to form bonds with peers. Friendships start to bloom and an understanding of relationships activates a child’s sense of self. Through the faculty at Little Willows Preschool, we nurture social and emotional growth among all children at the center.

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